NJU.mobile announced new offer for 29 zl

today NJU.mobile launched its new website and revealed the long-awaited offer:
9 zł per month for calls to all
9 zł per month for SMS and MMS to all
19 zł per month for access to the Internet (1 GB)
for unlimited calls and SMS, MMS to all
and a package of Internet 1 GB will not pay more than 57 zł
if 1 GB is not enough, then you have their packages online
an additional 350 MB for 5 zł, or 700 MB for 7 zł

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nju.mobile new mobile operator


Few days ago at the time of publication of the quarterly results superstition companies listed on the WSE, ORANGE POLAND, gave the media information about the launch cheaper offer prepaid and postpaid called nju.mobile. Offer to be available without the commitment and loyalty agreements as in the other networks (PLAY, HEYAH).

nju.mobile is reaching young clients aged 16-36 years. Nju.mobile will be a competitor for Heyah, owned by T-mobile which is one of the largest mobile operators in Europe. According to the experts the new offer nju-mobile will be competing with low-cost operator PLAY, the pricing is still electrified customers and sleepless nights for Play and T-mobile.

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