How many customers got a operator?

nju mobile orangeRecently we were able to know the results of telecom operator ORANGE for the second quarter of 2013. Is there information on the sales pitch sold under the brand name “nju mobile.” For two months of new telecommunications operator earned eighty thousand clients. Almost 30% of this number of clients wykupujący subscription. Interestingly, almost 1/3 of those customers are customers of ORANGE alien to NJU.MOBILE. According to representatives of the mobile operator, the company has made profits on the levels.

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  1. Posted Thursday November 7th, 2013 at 12:08 PM | Permalink

    Na pewno nie przeniosę telefonu do ORANGE, tam są najgorsze oferty a ich sieć nie ma zasięgu i mają słaby internet

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    Certainly not I move the phone to ORANGE, there are the worst deals and there is no network coverage and have a weak internet

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Zgodnie ze stroną możemy dowiedzieć się, że dzięki tej marce ORANGE za 29 zł i rozmawiasz ile chcesz. Przenieś numer do W nju mobile rozmawiasz ile chcesz | Internet, karty prepaid, telefony prepaid. NJU MOBILE ORANGE Strona informacyjna, nie zawiera oferty w myśli KC.